You aren't fat, you have fat there's a difference.

❤️ - You also have elbows, you are not elbows. - It is not your job to be aesthetically pleasing to everyone. - You are here to live, to experience, to make connections and to leave your mark on the world. - When you die do you think that the first thing people will say about you is ‘she was so slim and toned’ ..? Also do you want it to be? - You are some much more than your weight. - Just take a look around you, you are your friends, your family, your everyday experiences and your dreams. - How many things will you regret not doing because you never felt attractive enough, or good enough? - Well time is up. - What are the things you love about you instead? - What is it that you bring to the table that no one else does? - Find the things that spark joy in your life and hold them tight because life is short and before you know it it’ll be too late. - Always remember that you are enough just the way you are! - #TattooedTrainer#ProgressNotPerfection #Happiness#PositiveVibesOnly #YouAreNotFat#Joy #Health #Wellness#StrongNotSkinny #MentalHealth#PersonalTrainer #Gym #Fitness

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