Why You Should Track Your Workouts

Consistency - A workout log means that you always know what you did the previous workout meaning you can properly plan your next session in a way that further improves your progress on a consistent basis, making sure you’re stength/ reps/ intensity is always increasing. - Accountability - We have all had those days where you’re just not feeling it, where you just want to go through the motions and get your session over and done with. But if you’ve made it to the gym then you may as well make it count. Do you really want to look back at your log and see that you put in half the effort of last time? - Motivation - Sometimes the scales don’t move as quickly as you’d like or you find it hard to see what progress you’ve made. Being able to look back and seeing how far you have come can really give you that much-needed boost of motivation and determination to keep going. - Set Goals - Smash Goals - Repeat. - Workout logs will be available from this week. - #TrackYourWorkout #Fitness#TattooedTrainer#ProgressNotPerfection #LogBooks#WorkoutLog #GymDiary#TrackYourTraining #GoalSetting#LogYourLifts #Motivation#Accountability #Consistency

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