Fitness Fact or Fiction



No one will tell you how to successfully lose weight more than an overweight stranger who’s opinion you never asked for.


The amount of random methods & straight up BS people hear on a daily basis it’s no surprise you’re so confused.


So let’s clear up some of these weight loss myths & hopefully make things a little clearer.


🍩 Remove carbs & you’ll lose weight:

Technically not a lie but it is misleading, remove any food group & you will lose weight, not because carbs cause weight gain but because carbs happen to be the easiest food group to overeat frequently as they are delicious.


🍳 Breakfast is the most important meal of the day because it ‘kickstarts’ your metabolism.

❌ False.

If you don’t eat breakfast all it does is shorten your eating window which will more likely lead to weight loss due to the lesser consumption of kcals.

Also you can’t ‘kickstart your metabolism’ that’s not a thing as your metabolism never stops unless you are dead in which case calorie deficit probably least of your worries.


🥦 Eat Clean Get Lean.


When it comes to weight loss calories are king.

If you’re in a deficit eating X amount of calories a day then whether you fill that with lean protein & veggies or multiple trips to the Golden Arches you will still lose weight.

If you opt for the latter you may well end up malnourished with limp hair & a grey complexion but you will still weigh less.


🐓 Eat ALL the protein - but not too much it’ll kill you!

Well that escalated quickly…The average joe needs approx 0.6g per pound of bodyweight for optimum protein levels.

The only time you'd ever risk kidney damage is if you already suffer with kidney disease & then on top of that you choose to supplement with an unnecessary amount of protein supps.


📉 Weight loss is linear.

Unfortunately this is not the case, you can be training hard & in a calorie deficit & the scale can still not move at all or even go up.

Remember the scale tells you how much you weigh not how much bodyfat you have so you could still be losing bodyfat & completely changing your body composition even if the scale doesn’t show it.

Weight will always fluctuate but trust the process & keep going.


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