Find The Why?

⚖️ - ‘I want to lose weight’ ‘Why?’ ‘So I have abs for my holiday.’ ‘Why?’ ‘Because I’m too body conscious to wear a bikini right now.’ ‘Why?’ ‘Because I’m overweight’ ‘Why?’ ‘I’m not as active as I should be and I eat too much. I eat when I’m happy, I eat when I’m sad.’ ‘Ok, so you don’t want abs for your holiday. You want body confidence and the ability to stop using food to as an emotional comfort blanket.’ - Sometimes the WHY is bigger than you think it is and you have to take a minute to realise that the picture is much bigger than the one you can see. - So where do you start? - Pinpoint your triggers. - Allow yourself to feel your emotions instead of trying to sedate yourself with food. - Keep a food diary so you can look back and see your eating patterns objectively. - Stop calling it a diet. Diets have an end date and this is a lifestyle. - Practice mindful eating, eat when you are actually hungry and stop when you’re full. You don’t have to clear the plate if you don’t want to. - Don’t expect to feel motivated everyday, find your why and then your excuses will just be the things standing between you and your goals. - #TattooedTrainer #PersonalTraining#Motivation #WeightLoss#FindTheWhy #Goals #Diet#Nutrition #BodyConfidence#BikiniReady#EveryBodyIsABikiniBody #Why

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