Escaping your comfort zone


- So today I fly to Thailand for a solo trip, that might not be a big deal to some people but as someone that’s struggled with anxiety their whole life it’s a big deal to me. - As a teenager just the thought of walking to the shop by myself would make me have a panic attack, I missed out on so many little things because just getting out of the house everyday was a struggle. - I’ve been lucky to have people to travel with throughout my life but there’s always going to be some trips that aren’t on everyone’s list. - One day I realised that if I couldn’t find the confidence to do all the things I wanted to do alone then I’d spend my life waiting for someone’s dreams to line up to mine or being an extra in someone else’s story. - So 2 weeks ago I booked a flight and now it’s here. - I’m anxious AF but it’s too late now 😅 - Life is short - Get out of your comfort zone and get out of your own. - #MotivationalAF #Adventure#Thailand #Anxiety #OneLife #LiveIt#NewChapter #PositiveVibes#MentalHealth#EscapeYourComfortZone#ComfortZone #SoloTravels

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