I’m Charlie and I’m a Personal Trainer, Online coach and Sports Massage Therapist based in Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham.

Growing up I wasn’t particularly active and in my mid to late teens I noticed I had gained weight not only that but I began having issues around anxiety. I couldn't leave the house alone and would have panic attacks regularly this changed when I started going to the gym.  

I felt my confidence grow and as I began to see my body change the mental changes came too.

I became passionate about fitness, began to educated myself on nutrition and within a year I had lost 4 stone. I decided that I wanted a career where I could help people do what I had managed to do myself, get fit, gain confidence and be the best that you can be.

I practice what I preach and I’m as committed to my own training and goals as I am to helping you reach yours!

I don’t believe in quick fixes or crazy diet fads, I strive to make training both enjoyable and effective, educating you so that you are able to live and maintain a happy and healthy lifestyle. Your training will be personally tailored to your lifestyle and fitness goals so contact me today to make you feel, look and be the best that you can be!
Whether you’re an athlete, gym bunny, complete newbie or someone just looking to get healthy. I’m here to help you with your goals, set you on the right track and support you every step of the way.



Helping People Get Physically and Mentally Stronger Everyday

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I absolutely love helping others reach their goals with simple and proven techniques. Even though we won't physically be working out together 1-1 as your coach I am invested in you and I'm going to be with you every step of the way. 
There will be no quick fix or fad diets, I'll take all the guesswork out for you and explain the how and the why along the way so you can live a life without compromise while consistently progressing towards your goals.
Health and Fitness is not only about what your body looks like on the outside, but also on the inside! I will make sure your body and mind find the right balance. What are you waiting for?
Start your transformation today!


Sport Massage Therapy is to treat clients with any muscular pain or dysfunction caused by all sorts of stresses and strains on the body. 
Although training and sport is a common factor that leads clients to come and see me it is not the only reason.
Whether its niggling pains from long hours spent sitting at a desk, behind the wheel or just ‘sleeping funny’ these are all good reasons people give for seeking treatment.
So whether you're broken or just need a general tune up don't hesitate to get in touch.

Changing your life is easier than you think. Contact me and lets get started!



Sutton Coldfield Birmingham


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